Reclosers Market: Overview

A recloser is an electric power or protector distribution network. It includes a circuit breaker which can easily detect an over current or short circuit network. In addition it has a facility which can automatically switch off when it is not in use. Reclosers are used in electronic overhead distribution systems to detect and stop temporary faults. It can protect a power system from a short circuit, among others things. A recloser is essentially a switch that can re-establish an electrical circuit automatically or manually and also remotely after a distraction of service. It can easily detect faults and closes and resets to unlock the line. Reclosers are available in three types based on phase: Single phase reclosers, three phase reclosers, and triple single reclosers. Reclosers work with a hydraulic mechanism, and it has a separate coil series with the line. The control mechanism is placed outside the reclosers and collects current signal.

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Reclosers Market: Growth Drivers and Restraints

The reclosers market is expected to grow steadily during the forecast period. The rising need for an efficient power distribution network and no manual intervention for restoring power are acting as a driver for this market. In addition, various companies across the world are adopting this device for cost reduction in the event of an outage, which is in turn contributing to the growing demand for reclosers. Moreover, the need for automation systems is also boosting the reclosers market worldwide.

However, in the reclosers industry, many manufacturers produce cheaper alternatives to these components. In addition, not enough funding from governments is also adversely impacting the reclosers market. Under this condition, where product quality is reduced, end users are often forced to look for alternatives. There is intense competition among recloser manufacturers for after-sales services. This factor is acting as a restraint on the market. The current technological advancement in the reclosers industry are, however, helping create new opportunities for the market. In addition, gas-free and oil-free reclosers, which are a relatively new product category in this space, will likely help the global demand for reclosers gain traction.

Reclosers Market: Segmentation

The reclosers market is segmented in three categories: By phase of product, by control, and by region. By phase of product, the market can be divided into single phase reclosers, three phase reclosers and triple single phase reclosers among others. In terms of control, the market can be divided into hydraulic, electric, and others.

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Geographically, countries in North America and other developed nations such as the U.K., Germany, France and Italy among others constitute the largest market for this sector both in terms of production, consumption and worldwide exports. Developing nations such as Brazil, India, Thailand, Korea, South Africa and China, among others, are attracting considerable investments in reclosers and creating new opportunities for growth for global manufacturers. The global market can be broadly classified into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Rest of the World.

Reclosers Market: Key Players

The key players in the reclosers market are ABB Ltd, Cooper Industries (Eaton Corp.), Hubbell, Inc, G&W Electric, Schneider Electric Se, , S&C Electric Company, Noja Power, DNK (Xiamen) Electrical Co., Tavrida Electric and Zhejiang Ghorit Electric Equipment Co., Ltd among others.