Global High Power Lasers Market: Snapshot

High power laser diodes are generally made by varying the electrical characteristic of core semiconductors via the introduction of contaminations on the crystal wafer’s surface. The commercially obtainable universal purpose lasers have power yield in milliwatts, while high power lasers have a power yield in watts. The high power lasers comprise non-diode and diode lasers. The segment of diode lasers further comprise direct diodes such as consumer lasers, pump lasers, and telecom lasers.

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All the lasers except direct diodes such as diode and lamp pumped SSL (solid state lighting), CO2, and fiber laser, among many others come under non-diode lasers. The primary end-use industries of high power lasers are aerospace and military, automotive, image recording, display and entertainment, research and development (R&D), medical, printing, telecom, instrumentation and materials processing, barcode scanning and optical storage, , among others.

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Global High Power Lasers Market: Drivers and Restraints

The global high power lasers market is likely to be positively influenced by the rising demand from the industrial sector. Laser processing equipment are widely used in industrial applications. Thus, the industrial applications are categorized into micro processing and macro processing. The applications in macro processing are marking, welding, and cutting applications and the applications in micro processing include the manufacturing of solar cells, flat panel displays, printed circuit boards, and semiconductor, among others.

The high power laser market is likely to face pricing pressures along with a diverse international position. These facets are likely to pose threat to the progress of the high power lasers market in the coming years. However, manufacturers can seek growth prospects in the advent of the 3D lasers technology. Moreover, over the last couple of years, altering manufacturing and design procedures of laser diodes are resulting in a fundamental shift in reliability and cost of high power laser systems.

There has been a noteworthy progress in demand for lasers owing to extremely abridged laser size, rising wall plug competence, low power intake, and low cost. Additionally, the emerging optical combination policies are anticipated to deliver an incentive to the development of high power lasers market.

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Global High Power Lasers Market: Regional Outlook

Region-wise, Asia Pacific at present it witnessing a high demand from countries such as Taiwan, China, and South Korea for high power lasers. This demand can be attributed to the developing manufacturing industry in Asia Pacific. North America and Europe are likely to experience rising demand for high power lasers in sectors such as medical, automotive, and defense and aerospace.

Global High Power Lasers Market: Vendor Landscape

The top drawer companies in the global high power lasers market are Northrop Grumman Corp., JDS Uniphase Corp., Corning, Inc., Shenzhen Sunshine Laser & Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., Dilas Diodenlaser GmbH, SemiNex Corp., Lumics GmbH, and IPG Photonics, among several others.